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Fresh Headquarters 12-Piece Compost Bin Filters Replacement Set for Kitchen Compost Bin - 6.7 Inch Trimmable Charcoal Filter Pads Eliminate Indoor Composting Odors with Activated Carbon



Say good-bye to stinky composting

Turn banana peels, vegetable trimmings, and coffee grounds into nutrient-rich compost material while maintaining a fresh, odor-free apartment or home. Fresh Headquarters Compost Carbon Filters eliminate the smells of decaying food scraps before they can escape from your counter compost container. These activated charcoal pads easily slip into the lid of your mini compost bin and trap odors in their micropores where their gaseous emissions are neutralized.


Maximum odor protection

Thick layers of activated charcoal offer higher carbon density for greater absorption so you can enjoy fresh, clean air with less frequent replacement. To accommodate a wide range of indoor compost buckets, our 6.7" round filter pads are easily trimmable with household scissors for smaller lids. For best results, change pads monthly. This 12-pack set provides a full year of odor-free composting.


Reduce the ick factor

To make food scrap collection a mess-free endeavor, use our biodegradable compost bags for kitchen compost bins. These 2-gallon bags are plant-based and free of polyethylene so they can be disposed of along with your compost material. Universally compatible with most countertop compost bins, their heat-sealed seams add strength and durability. Certified compostable in accordance with the Biodegradable Products Institute, Fresh Headquarters Compost Bags are eco-friendly and easy to use.

For indoor composting without the noxious smells, add the Fresh Headquarters Compost Charcoal Filters Replacement Set to your cart today.

  • CONTROL COMPOST ODORS from your kitchen compost pail with 12 compost filter replacement pads from Fresh Headquarters. Dense activated charcoal pads trap food smells in their micropores, allowing scraps to break down while keeping your home fresh-smelling.

  • NATURAL ACTIVATED CHARCOAL eliminates the odors of decomposing foods in your countertop compost bin. Millions of micropores in our dense carbon filter pads offer greater surface space for trapping and neutralizing smells.

  • 6.7” ROUND FILTER PADS are trimmable to fit many popular ceramic compost crocks and stainless steel mini compost bins. Their porous nature allow the air circulation that is crucial to the decaying process.

  • NON-TOXIC AND BIODEGRADABLE Fresh Headquarters Compost Filters trap odors naturally before they can escape from your indoor compost bucket. Reduce household waste without subjecting family and guests to unpleasant smells.

  • MADE IN THE USA for your peace of mind, our 12-pack of compost bin filters ensure a whole year of odor-free composting. For best results, we recommend changing filters every month.

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