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Refrigerator Air Filter Replacement 2-Pack with Activated Carbon

Refrigerator Air Filter Replacement 2-Pack with Activated Carbon


It's the hardest-working appliance in your home.

The simple replacement of your refrigerator's air filter will help maintain its energy efficiency while also keeping it healthy and odor-free. Our activated carbon air filters for Frigidaire PureAir Ultra and Electrolux refrigerators ensure that you can switch out those old, dirty filters every 6 months as recommended by the manufacturer. With a premium fridge filter at work to capture particulates, it deters unpleasant odors and helps extend the life of foods.


Designed for maximum efficiency -

Unlike other filters that are made outside the USA and sprayed with paint, our filters are manufactured under strict quality standards with an abundance of carbon particles. The activated carbon and natural zeolite neutralize and suppress odor-causing molecules, sparing you from those occasions when you open the fridge door and are met with foul smells.


Fast and easy to replace

Our filters install without need for tools or expertise. First, remove and discard the old filter. Then remove the perforated panel from the new filter and slide it into the air filter compartment with the activated carbon side facing down. Close the compartment and be sure to reset the air filter notification on the control panel on the outside of the refrigerator door. With a new activated carbon refrigerator filter in place, you're assured that only clean, fresh air will be circulating around your meats, produce and cheeses.

To ensure your refrigerator's peak performance, add an activated carbon charcoal odor absorber Refrigerator Air Filter 2-Pack today.


Fits Electrolux models 241754001, 241754002, 242047801, 242047804, 242061001 E132AR Series, E123CS Series, E124RD Series, E23BC Series, EW26S Series and EAFCBF. Fits Tier 1 model RAF1150 Fits Frigidaire models PAULTRA, PureAdvantage and SCPUREAIRU PartSelect part number PS199382


  • Details

    • REFRESH YOUR REFRIGERATOR with a new and improved non pleated replacement air filter every 6 months. More odor fighting media is added to this aftermarket replacement to improve the original design. A clean air filter neutralizes odors, ensuring a fresh supply of air that minimizes exposure to airborne particles and keeps food fresh longer.
    • COMPATIBLE WITH FRIGIDAIRE PureAir Ultra as well as Electrolux models. Compare our replacement refrigerator filters to EAFCBF; SP-FRAIR; 242061001; and 241754001.
    • ABSORBS AND RETAINS molecules and vapors with activated carbon. This deters the air quality in your kitchen from impacting your refrigerator’s operation and also from affecting the foods inside.
    • MADE IN THE USA - TRUST IS BUILT BY QUALITY with our carbon refrigerator air filter replacements. Their high quality activated carbon boasts more power to purify air, allowing them to capture more and smaller molecules than inferior China made spray painted filters.
    • PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT by changing-out your refrigerator’s air filter every 6 months. Our 2-pack of refrigerator air filters promotes the longevity of your refrigerator and minimizes food waste.
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