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FAQs Fresh Headquarters


What advantage does charcoal filtration provide?

The pore structure of activated charcoal absorbs traps and removes unpleasant odors from the atmosphere. Our plant specializes in impregnating activated charcoal into non woven polyester for maximum effectiveness at odor absorption and removal of large particulates from the air.


How does the quality of charcoal filters made in the USA differ from filters made in China?

May Chinese manufacturers start with black media and add very little carbon to it. Some factories only spray paint the material black and include no carbon at all.  Fresh Headquarters manufacturing plants use the highest standard in quality. We begin with white media and impregnate carbon to it, as evidenced by it’s black appearance  Fresh Headquarters uses water soluble adhesives in attaching the carbon to the filter. Chinese factories often use inexpensive glues which produce VOCs, which actually pollutes the air itself!

Are activated charcoal filters washable and reusable?

No, they are disposable and need to be replaced.



What is the difference between charcoal and carbon activated materials?

The terms are often used interchangeably since charcoal contains very high concentrations of the element carbon.

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